Competitive Program Testimonials

What are our students saying?

What are our parents saying?

Dance has taught me so many things. I have known I wanted to eventually compete ever since I was little and that’s what I’ve been doing the past couple years. Competition has helped me to become a better dancer. Judge feedback is always super helpful and they are so kind! Competitions are so fun because not only are you going out hand showing how talented your are, you get to do it with your friends! Competitions are also so fun to watch! I love getting to watch other teams go out and have as much fun as we do! I would totally recommend competing to anyone!

 -Aubrie D.

My daughter joined EM’s Dance Center’s Competition Teams last Fall.  It is one of the best choices she has ever made.  During a year where her life has been turned upside down due to the pandemic, this is the one thing that has kept her feeling positive. It has given her something to look forward to at the end of a long day of remote learning, because she knows that when she arrives, she will be welcomed by a group of dancers who she considers family.  They have become some of her closest friends.  They are a true team who support each other.  She has grown more as a dancer in this year alone than she ever has in such a short time.  Having a teacher who is not only a strong dancer and instructor has helped her technique, but because Miss Emily is also kind and compassionate, her confidence has grown immensely as well.  Being a part of this team has given my daughter so much to feel proud of, and I could not possibly be more grateful.

-Cheri B.

I compete because it’s fun and is a great experience. I wasn’t a competitive dancer when I started. At first, I only performed in the annual recital, but then I tried competitive dance and I loved it. It gives me so much adrenaline and excitement and it’s an entirely different experience from a recital and it’s something that just made me feel good. You get to be on stage and perform, which is something I enjoy. I love to dance especially with the people that I love and by competing it gives me more opportunities to do. It’s also different from noncompetitive dance because you build stronger bonds between your teammates and you are pushed harder in the competitive program. I know that I have improved by being in the competitive program and that I will continue to be pushed and challenged through this program, which will help me improve more.

 -Kennedi J.

Competitive dance has helped Vivian learn the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and responsibility. It takes a team to meld the choreography, sportsmanship on how they can improve themselves and be happy for other teams that do well and responsibility for their costumes, makeup, and class attendance. As also a solo competition dancer how to overcome her fears and nervousness and boost her confidence.

-Christine B.

My name is Lilly and I was on the competitive dance team for EM’s Dance Center for the 2020-2021 season! This was my first ever time being on a competitive team. I first joined because I wanted to be a part of a team, but I got so much more. I got a family! I have been pushed to the maximum and have been smiling and laughing all the way. I am so excited for the next season and I’m certain it will be a blast!

-Lilly J.

We have been so pleased with EM’s competitive dance program. Both of my daughters have been on other dance teams where the only goal was only to win. EM’s focuses on skills, teamwork and striving to be better every time you perform.  The team members not only become accomplished dancers who excel at competitions, but they are taught to do it with integrity, courage, and fortitude. 

-Kristin Haverkampf

I’ve been competing with Ms. Emily since I was 6, and I have enjoyed all 7 years of it. Competition dancing is not only a great experience, it’s an amazing way to boost your confidence and even improve! It’ so exciting to learn new choreography every year and hang out with my closest friends. Also with competitive dancing, I have closer bonds and friendships with my fellow teammates and really connect when on and off stage. Competition dance always gives me a personal challenge and highly recommend joining the competitive team!

-Vivian Lorch

Having my girls in competitive dance has been a wonderful experience for them. For many years I was anti-competitive dance and into studio only classes. I didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on my kids. As they got older, they wanted to move in to competitive, so we hesitantly took the leap. It has been amazing for them both. Their Self-image and confidence has soared. They have learned to work as a team and have established close friendships. One of them has even gone on to study dance in college and is now teaching dance. Miss Emily has been their instructor since the beginning of their competitive days 6 years ago and she has made it nothing but a positive experience. She does work them hard and they both learned self-discipline which has carried over into other parts of life. Something I once had such strong negative feelings about has completely won me over and kept us coming back year after year.

-Kari Johnson