COVID Policies

EM’s Dance Center Policies and Procedures with COVID-19

Parents of children in both the Tiny Tots classes and Kinder Ballet/Tap are asked to escort their child to class and wait in the parent area in case they are needed.

Any child under the age of 12 needs to be walked to and from the door for safety reasons.

Masks must be worn prior to entry. Anyone not wearing a mask will not be admitted.

EM’s Dancer Center’s top priority is the health and safety of our dancers and their families. We ask in order to keep everyone safe, please abide by our COVID policies. We have carefully drafted these policies based on CDC guidelines. We understand if you do not agree with the policies, but please respect and adhere to them for the safety of all.

We do request that students come dressed for class so they do not need to change, but clothes should be worn over their dance clothes, especially if they are coming from a restaurant, business, school, etc. & removed prior to entering the studio. For ballet, during this time tan tights are acceptable to eliminate the need to change tights.

EM’s Dance Center thoroughly disinfects the studio and all common areas throughout the evening and at the end of each day so everyone is entering into a clean environment. EM’s owner and instructor have both received vaccinations and are continuing to observe mask and social distancing protocols.

Everyone (parents, guardians, students, etc.) is required to wear a mask upon entry, have their temperature checked by a staff member, and sanitize their hands before entering the studio. Temperature must be under 100 to be admitted.

If there are back to back classes in a studio, that studio will be thoroughly disinfected prior to the next class entering.

After each use of any common areas (the bathroom included), that area will be disinfected.

Masks are to be worn at all times. If dancers are eating or drinking, it is asked that they observe social distancing of six feet.

Should someone test positive for COVID-19, the studio requests immediate notification in order to send emails out to our families as soon as possible. Included in the email will be the last date of contact and the plan for moving forward. Classes will be held virtually for 14+ days to appropriately address quarantine.

In order to resume in person class, the person with the positive test must provide proof of a negative test result prior to their return.