Competition Team Policies

EM’s Dance Center Competition Team Policies

In order to be eligible to compete a solo, duet or trio, dancers must be on a minimum of one group team and take the required classes

Each team member receives only three absences for the season in each class that are for illness, vacation, family emergency, etc. These absences will not be counted for any school activity that requires the dancer’s presence for a grade. If a dancer attends class, but sits out due to injury or illness, these absences will not be used. Should a dancer sit out more than 3 times in a row, discussions will take place about that dancer dancing at the next performance as it may not be safe for them or their team.
*During COVID if a dancer must quarantine or is contagious Zoom will be available to sit in on class & participate at home. An absence will not be used and the dancer counted as present*

Team members must attend all mandatory functions. This includes award ceremonies at competition when allowed or assigned. Missing a mandatory performance will result in the removal of a dancer from all competitive classes and teams. Extreme situations, such as a funeral, will be determined on a case by case basis.

***During the pandemic, some of the mandatory events may be postponed or cancelled depending upon current conditions***

Annual mandatory functions include: Three competitions between the months of January-May, the competitive team preview in January-February, annual recital in May. Again, during COVID, any of these events may be postponed, cancelled or made virtual.

Each year, calendars with the dates and places of these events will be posted. *This is assuming things run as normal. As competitions release COVID policies, we will update everyone* Exact times will be sent by the competition the week prior to the competition weekend. Dancers need to be at the venue in full hair and make up two hours prior their scheduled time (unless the competition changes their policies due to COVID)

Should another shut down occur and competitions not happen, EM’s Dance Center will do our best to refund the money. Should the competition hold a virtual competition these fees would still apply. However, if the competition will not reimburse the studio and only gives credit, that credit will be applied to that competition the following year and you will only be charged the difference between years.

Dancers are responsible for their shoes, costumes, make up, hair, accessories, etc. not parents.

Dancers and families will conduct themselves with decorum at all performances and competition. Do not yell dancer names or the name of the studio, wait until the dance on stage has finished to enter or exit the seating area, be respectful of the dressing space, stay in your area, at awards clap and cheer for everyone, and do not talk poorly about other dancers, studios, dances, costumes, etc. Guests and parents must also abide by these rules. It is our dancers responsibility to make any guests aware of competition/performance etiquette. Should any of these or other inappropriate behavior occur, EM’s Dance Center holds the right to correct that behavior including removal from the teams and/or the studio if the incident is severe enough.

Any hotel arrangements and payments are to be taken care of by each individual family. EM’s Dance Center will do our best to make available the competition’s block of discounted rooms should this be available to us.