In Class Policies

Below are the policies that are to be followed in class at all times by all students

No Phones
Phones are to be left in the phone basket upon entry into the studio

Respect others & always use kind words
This applies to peers, assistants, teachers & other staff

No gum or food in class

No running in the studio at any time

No climbing or hanging on the barres

No touching the mirrors

Remove shoes upon entry to the studio. No street shoes on the black dance flooring.

Abide the rule, if it isn’t yours, don’t touch it

Do not invade another person’s space in any way

Clean the studio up before you leave & be sure to keep belongings together, hung on hooks & kept organized

Bring a water bottle as there are no cups at the water cooler. Only take water breaks when approved or on the side after going across the floor.

Raise your hand to ask questions, to go to the restroom, etc. Students should not simply walk out of class. Instructors should always know where each student is for safety reasons.

Come in properly attired with hair secured back out of the face & on time

Please only take 1 snack & do not take snacks home. They are to be eaten in the studio

Dancer may not leave the building alone. Grown up must pick them up at the door.